Emotional Management Method

Emotional Management Method
For more creativity, balance, success and stress-free living!

Did you know that…

  • People who become emotional in negotiations lose their advantage (Source: Wharton Business School)
  • Stress decreases your ability for creative thinking and can even cause blackouts (Source: various brain research)
  • By changing your attitude, you can change your thoughts…. And this can be crucial because we have 60,000 thoughts per day and 95% of them are the same as the day before

Emotional Management Method is based on the newest research in the psychology of emotions, neurobiology, and brain research combined with Buddhist psychology and ancient healing systems.
Body Language courses and Facial Expressions training allow you to identify emotions that are not helpful. EMM helps you to transform these emotions and stress effectively from the inside-out.

Emotional Management Method will help you to:

  • Reduce your level of stress and increase your energy level to find new inspiration and motivation at work
  • Get more clarity about your decisions and goals to become more self-confident and achieve what you want
  • Boost your creativity and effectiveness at work to gain more profit and success

Who Is This For?

  • Decision makers, Managers, Entrepreneurs who want to reduce stress and increase creativity
  • Sales people, Negotiators, HR directors and Consultants who want to become more effective and time-efficient
  • Speakers, coaches and trainers who want to be more charismatic and confident
  • Any person who would like to find a new perspective in their work, to look at the bigger picture of what they do and have more success in relationships.


Emotional Management Method is tailored version of our “Release Coaching Method” developed in 2009. EMM is tailored to complement our Body Language courses and training. The aim of EMM is to transform the negative emotions you have identified through Body Language signals. EMM has just been released, and this is why the references below are from Release Coaching Method:
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